Tiande Botox Effect Transdermal Complex

Tiande Botox Effect Transdermal Complex


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The Botox Effect Transdermal Complex features two highly-concentrated substances: microcapsules and a meza cocktail. Increases collagen production and helps smooth wrinkles, act as a local miorelaxant, while maintaining natural facial expression. Visibly lifts facial contours, makes your skin more resilient and have a rejuvenating effect.


1. Using the dosing pump, dispense several drops of the meza cocktail (substance No. 1) to your finger tips and smooth them over your cleansed facial skin.
2. Dispense a small amount of the microcapsules (substance No. 2) to your finger pad and smooth it over the areas covered with meza cocktail with tapping movements.
3. Spread the meza cocktail over your skin with an additional third layer.

Apply it to dry, cleansed skin once a day (in the evening, 2 hours before bedtime) in case of mild signs of skin fading and twice a day in case of pronounced problems. When using the transdermal complex, it is recommended to refrain from peeling your skin.