Tiande Bio-Lamination Effect Hair Conditioner 200ml

Tiande Bio-Lamination Effect Hair Conditioner 200ml


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To complete your look you need to add shine, even better – diamond shine. 
Bio-Lamination Effect Hair Conditioner from TianDe lets your hair look like a million without any extra effort!

Its formulation includes active components that create the effect of fresh lamination. Radiant and silky, your hair looks like something out of a fashion magazine! No more “dandelion head” – just the glowing smoothness of silk and ease of brushing. 

The ingredients in the conditioner’s composition moisturize and soften the hair, smooth split ends, make every strand silky smooth and create the effect of an express-style with “every hair in place” and an anti-static action.

The conditioner is perfect for any hair: 
over-styled, over-processed hair, fine hair, thick and dry, curly hair – even hard-to-style hair.

Apply the conditioner evenly to clean damp hair, in 2–3 minutes rinse thoroughly with water.