Tiande Berry Delicacy Shower Gel

Tiande Berry Delicacy Shower Gel


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Close your eyes and take in a deep breath of the enchanting aroma of wildberries… Plunge your body into their gentle care, savor the moment… Berry Delicacy Shower Gel will gently cleanse your skin, giving it a dizzyingly-unforgettable aroma and leaving a whiff of ripe, sweet raspberry. Airy foam will envelop your body in delicate care and leave your skin velvety-smooth.

Berry Delicacy Shower Gel from TianDe’s new product line is more than just gentle care for your skin and an amazing aroma. It’s an everyday product that’s sure to win high marks from every member of your family! Thanks to its special properties, it will suit all tastes while helping you save on the family budget.

The My Family Care line is a quality range of basic products FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY at a super-economical price!