Argan Oil Hair Fluid 50ml

Argan Oil Hair Fluid 50ml


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"Liquid gold" for your hair!


Smooth, silky, shining like numerous scattered gems… All that is about your hair, cared for with Argan Oil Hair Fluid!

The oil with a modern fluid formula gives your hair shining of the highest order! It combines richness and lightness, deeply nourishing and at the same time not making your hair heavier. The light-texture product is easily absorbed, filling in micro-damages on your hair, without leaving any traces.

The fluid performs four important tasks simultaneously:
- transforming nourishment – hair smoothness and shining of the highest order;
- restoration – against hair brittleness and eliminates cutting split ends;
- protection - against moisture loss, UF rays, free radicals, static electricity, heat damage;
- styling - disciplines unruly hair, shapes curly strands.

The basis of TianDe hair fluid is superb argan oil, one of the most expensive and precious on the globe. It is made from fruits of trees growing in only one place on the globe – in southwest Morocco. Even the most damaged hair gets the necessary substances for maximum restoration thanks to the unique properties of this natural product!

Additionally, linseed oil is included in the fluid to prevent split ends and deeply nourish your hair.

A convenient compact format – 50 ml! Take it with you when travelling, keep it in your bag, enjoy luxuriant hair always and everywhere! And let the full-sized bottle (100 ml) stay on the shelf in your bathroom.


Rub a little on your hands, spread evenly over all your hair or apply to the ends. It can be used both on wet and dry hair. No rinsing required. Use 1-2 times a week.