Ancient China Formula Shampoo, 220g

Ancient China Formula Shampoo, 220g


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Chinese girls’ and women’s hair has been always famous for its strength, thickness and ‘silky’ structure. Do you want your hair to be the same? Arm yourself with products based on the unique strengthening complex from legendary Eastern herbal extracts!

Ancient China Formula Shampoo will make your hair as strong as it was originally! It efficiently combats itchy scalp and prevents dandruff thanks to its components.

The strengthening complex from Fo-Ti-Tieng, ginger and liquorice root extracts makes your hair strong, soft and elastic, helps restore its structure and maintain its natural colour.

By the way, the Chinese knotweed’s (Polygonum multiflorum) name Fo-Ti-Tieng is translated as ‘raven-black old man’s head’. According to a Chinese legend, an old wise grey-haired man restored his hair with the help of this herb, returning its rich colour.

Use the shampoo together with Ancient China Formula Hair Balm-Conditioner. These products supplement each other to the utmost, strengthening the effect of regular use.


Apply to wet hair, massage, then rinse.