Tiande Aloe Vera Gel

Tiande Aloe Vera Gel


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Prefer natural skin-care products? Then you’ll love TianDe’s Aloe Vera Gel – it’s 99% comprised of natural components! What’s more, 98.5% of them consist of precious aloe vera juice, and 0.42% – of olive oil.

Aloe Vera Gel is perfect for daily moisturising – you can use it on both your face and your body. If you like to tan, use it after sunbathing and your skin will thank you for it! Aloe’s biologically-active agents (lignins) penetrate the skin 4x faster and deeper than water. And the protective film formed by aloe extract keeps the skin from losing its moisture. You can use the gel to prevent the formation of small scars from scratches – under the effect of aloe vera, tissue heals faster than a scar has time to form!

Aloe vera is suitable for all skin types:
- normalises the functioning of the sebaceous glands of oily skin;
- evens out combination skin;
- soothes and softens dry, sensitive skin.

The gel is perfect as a soothing moisturiser after shaving.

Frequent travellers are sure to appreciate the new mini-format of this familiar product – the small sachet fits easily in your make-up bag, purse or glove compartment!