Tiande Optics & Screen Cloth

Tiande Optics & Screen Cloth


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Glasses, smartphones and tablets, laptops, cameras ... today, we can no longer begin to imagine a day without these important gadgets, and most of us also know the problems associated with caring for these devices: fingerprints on lenses and sensors of your device, dust on screens and monitors, and stains left on them by wet wipes.

All these gadgets need special gentle care that leaves no scratches, stains or fibres behind. The wipe for optics and screens is specially designed for these delicate surfaces.

The wipe is made of suede microfiber, which achieves its task with a one hundred percent success rate and immediately removes any dirt. The special hairless weave of the fabric leaves no traces behind.

Size 14.5 x 17.5 cm.


Use dry cloth. Do not iron, do not dry on the radiator.