TianDe Dish Cloth

TianDe Dish Cloth


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A double-sided dishwashing cloth that will make life easier for every housewife.

- The soft side easily removes grease, even in cold water and without the use of detergents.
- The side with an abrasive surface removes stubborn dirt from dishes and helps you deal with burnt and stuck food residues.

This modern gadget made of super microfibre is ideal for washing and polishing dishes, as well as for removing dirt from kitchen appliances and various surfaces. When dry, the cloth is able to perfectly polish all glassware.

Thanks to special weaving, the cloth is effective even without cleaning agents. Super microfibres have dirt and grease repellent properties, giving the cloth strength and wear resistance.

Thanks to its size of 20 x 17 cm, washing dishes will be comfortable and easy.


Suitable for dishes and kitchen surfaces. Do not use the abrasive side on surfaces prone to scratching. Do not iron, do not dry on the radiator.